26 lutego, 2024
Yes, yes and yes again! It worked out well! Did it with adventures and surprises? Well, sure, you already know me a little:D But we got it… I HAVE IT! Exactly on February 07 at 17:00 I entered the operating theater for my new kidney. And I don’t know where to start… I mean seriously I don’t know because I’m still lying in the hospital, my head hasn’t had much access to fresh air yet XD

I will devote this post to a summary of dialysis and a minimalist summary of the past two weeks. On the subject of the surgery itself, the hospital stay and the return to the living, I will issue several separate posts. First of all, I don’t know if I’ll find a more enjoyable topic to write about, and secondly, I think such a deeper, more detailed entry into this might be useful for people who are just waiting for their lucky day:)

I would not like to leave the last 14 months without any summary, so briefly about dialysis yet:
Six months before I started hemodialysis, an arteriovenous fistula was created. Since then, I was aware that each subsequent monthly checkup could be the last one in „freedom.” In total, I was on dialysis for 14 months, of which 9 took me to enter CLO, and the remaining 5 were devoted to waiting for the transplant. In the meantime, I underwent 2 surgeries (excision of a transplanted kidney, excision of a cyst) and two procedures-„correction” of a fistula and, as a result, creation of a catheter for hemodialysis (XD). I certainly learned a lot during this time. For the first time in my life I began to seriously consider health in my life. A paradox, no? After all, from a young age, drugs and hospitals, but I always managed to live alongside it. I learned a lot about myself, appreciated a lot about myself and changed a lot around me and in myself. I thank myself and everyone who really helped me during this time (and know that only a handful rose to the occasion;)). Thank you to my dialysis station, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of my patients will transplant quickly, WITHOUT ANY FREAK UP! Thank you to my Doctor, it was nice to come across a good doctor, who at the same time does not show psychopathic predilections <xd>, and even despite the high phosphates will joke around!

And a big big big big thank you to the nurses at my dialysis station!!! Young guard (+4 from the older team who didn’t spare me a slice when I needed it XD) keep doing what you do and HOW you do it because you are awesome! To all the nurses working at the dialysis stations-your HUMAN, EMPATHY <times to> SYMPATHY approach to the patient, really makes this already hard time easier for us. It’s nice to be able to go to dialysis, knowing that they don’t treat you like an intruder there, but you can joke and gossip:D Seriously, a big thank you again to you<3

Well what the heck… TRANSFER, TRANSFER! I have been lying in the hospital since Wednesday 07 February, as I mentioned that day was the operation. And as it happens in life … with adventures:) The organ turned out to be „too super” for my body and Thursday for the next day had to be revised. I don’t want to write too much more about it in this post, but generally the kidney was at stake – whether it would move and cooperate or whether they would cut it out right away for me. Since then, things have been moving slowly forward. Because you know or not the kidney is supposed to perform two main tasks- produce urine and cleanse the body. After less than a year of not peeing (funny how everyone starts congratulating you on urinating, seriouslyXD), we are still waiting for it to start cleaning me properly. There’s a bit of catching up to do, as I started with a creatinine of 9.9 (for those not familiar, that’s a lot), and we need to get below 1. What’s left is for me to wait patiently, create more entries (I already have a post written where I tell step by step from a more „medical” (?) point of view how the whole hospital stay went) and slowly get active for life.

I’m happy, when I finally get out and experience some peace in my mind I’ll be happiest. The strength is coming back, the desire to do things is growing, now I just need to live up to what I assumed before the transplant. 

Take care,
Olahola xo
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