A little about anger

5 maja, 2024
I don’t have the guts. I didn’t start this blog to lament how bad I am (because I’m not), but my head is a bit elsewhere which makes my blogging career difficult. Incidentally, I guess my primary negative emotion is not sadness, but anger (after my dad;)). And so I can kind of see from myself that this anger is „spilling over” to everything in turn. Four hospital stays since the transplant can be upsetting in itself, ok!

But to get so angry all the time? You know, the soup is too salty, the shoes are not so put away, the results are too high… And anyway, I feel that you don’t love me anymore! Okay, maybe I exaggerated, but I wanted you to understand the context. It is now full of wisdom on Instagram that we should allow ourselves to experience negative emotions… However, when to say stop to ourselves? Where does the magic line stand? When we ourselves feel we are over it or when our loved ones tell us to? 

I, in any case, have bingo. I can already see for myself that a bit of this anger is clouding my rational thinking (pfff, I seriously think I think rationally on a daily basis?XD), but I’m also getting some whispers from the outside on this issue. Okay maybe not whispers, but loud tones. And then all in white the excuse „BUT YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M GOING THROUGH!!!” come in. Well, he probably doesn’t know, but as I influence others negatively, I guess the importance of what we are currently experiencing there diminishes a bit. Or maybe not at all? 

I don’t know, I don’t know the answer. That’s what I’m thinking out loud next to you. If you know where there is a line between lamenting your own fate and the right to pour out your grievances on others, let me know.

Take care,
Olahola xo
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