About the consequences of not my mistake, or how to quickly replace a fistula with a catheter

12 grudnia, 2023
Hi! I’ve been creating a post in a different climate for a while now, and I’m very anxious to write it as well as possible, so in the meantime I’ll bring you a story from January this year. As you already know from the last post, it was fun. The background of the story- I was being prepared for a kidney resection, and in order to be able to perform this operation, the fistula had to be „repaired” because the dialysis on it was not of the best quality. Of course, as bad as it was, the last 2 weeks before the surgery began to work extra:D On the one hand, to the mischief of fate I am already accustomed, and on the other hand, the plan for the fistula was non-invasive, so there was nothing to fear. I was to have one shunt ligated to increase blood flow in the fistula. Sounds great huh? A quick job and home. 

NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.The procedure was supposed to be carried out by the doctor I had previously been to for an ultrasound, who determined what the plan of action was. Unfortunately (oh really unfortunately) he did not make it to the hospital that day. I was referred to a second specialist. What could have gone wrong? The doctor, without reviewing the aforementioned usg, on the basis of touching the fistula for 30 seconds, decided to get so involved in his task that he came up with a completely new solution. He decided to create a new fistula, since in his opinion the current one, after all, would not last long anyway. And what to do here? Apparently, I had a prior consultation with a specialist of the same rank, who on the BASIS of the ultrasound determined the plan of action, and on the other- argue with a doctor with a higher title? I asked twice tentatively if this would definitely solve my problem and if the fistula would work right away on dialysis, because actually that’s what we’re primarily concerned about. Of course, he can’t promise me anything before the procedure (hihi), but after all, the one I have is going to work anyway, THEN I won’t care, Y E S???? Leaving aside the fact that the ligation of the shunt is about 30 minutes of work, less pain and other „irrelevant” components, the procedure obviously failed XD I mean succeeded, because after all, I have a fistula to this day, which is quietly humming to itself, it’s just a shame that it can not dialyze on it :DDD.

Another anecdote. As I was driving back from the procedure with my dear sister I threw in a joke „hehe strange that I don’t have a wet sleeve yet” <implying that the stitches haven’t let go and I’m not bleeding>. And so reaching home (seriously about 10km before) I „called it out”. It turned out that the stitches let go a sleeve wet with blood and a U-turn to the operating room. Fortunately, I was able to be squeezed between patients and they corrected my stitching. This experience at this stage taught me that a citroen c1 will go 180km/h, and my sister can be a demon on the road. Oh, and also that fines from sectional speed measurement do not come. <Scribble on priv and I’ll tell , where exactly XD>.

Later, my fistula was still bleeding a little, but it was no longer necessary to intervene.
Two days after that I had dialysis. One of the more unpleasant experiences for me, and I seem to be relatively resilient. I was stabbed a total of 10 times, and maybe more. Very unpleasant, not recommended. Dialysis went to one needle, but it was known that there would be nothing more from this fistula. Therefore, there was no end to January’s attractions, I was directed to insert a catheter. Here thanks to my Doctor, who managed to alleviate the situation somehow and did not condemn me to a „sharp” catheter to the neck, but PermCath. Here I was already more skeptical of the doctor and asked that after a hard week I would like someone to finally do the job right. I don’t know if it’s because I ended up with a good doctor, or if I just had an elevated pain threshold, but I found the catheter insertion to be gentle, painless, seamless.

Admittedly, after the procedure as the emotions of the past week wore off I was literally half-living. I couldn’t move almost, I couldn’t lie down or sit up. I don’t know if everyone has this or if it’s some kind of uncharacteristic reaction, but whatever… I SURVIVED.

To sum up. It turns out that <surprise> you can’t be unreflective about doctors’ decisions. On the other hand, I don’t know if it would do anything to discuss, because the title perhaps obliges unquestionable decisions(?). The hard start of the year hardened me for everything that happened afterwards, so maybe I should actually be grateful??? Mr. Doctor I do not salute. Nevertheless, I know he didn’t do it on purpose. Every procedure is subject to the risk of failure. Get it. I hope that after my „case” he remembered something and all this unpleasantness will avoid the next person;)

Let us know what experiences you have (although I hope it has not happened to you) with wrong decisions of doctors and their reaction to these events. I would sincerely like to believe that there is at least one specimen who can admit to being wrong….

Take care.
Olahola xo
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