And what’s next?

27 października, 2023 * olahola
Hi! Today I’ll update a little on what’s next for me, and then I’d like you to answer one question:). The second part of the post was supposed to refer to yesterday’s World Donation and Transplantation Day. However, I’m saving that for next week. There will be some dry data, with (no surprise here) my commentary at the end. 
Coming back-let me once again remind you that I am a newly minted MASTER. My emotions have subsided, and the satisfaction of closing this chapter is with me all the time. BUT… The end of a certain stage in life is associated with new beginnings. And so starting from family, to friends to doctors on dialysis I get the question „And what next???”.

I won’t hide the fact that I’m a bit up and running now, and I have the will to do things. This applies to both the professional, „scientific” and blogging spheres. While the blog and things related to it I can actively develop (I even have some ideas already), the other areas require me to have some resources, which I currently (I think???) lack. And here I’m putting up a thesis for discussion, because I’m curious about your opinion on the subject. After completing the qualifying examinations, being on the list and knowing that at any moment you may get a call that there is a kidney for you – would you take on new challenges? Assuming I get the happy news sooner rather than later, I have concerns about taking on new activities in the near future. The transplant involves several weeks of being „cut out” of normal life. The surgery and hospital stay is one thing, but taking care of yourself afterwards also has to be included in the recovery time. I mean both watching out for infections from outside, due to low immunity, but also adjusting the body to the new situation. Large doses of immunosuppressants, steroids and other supplements must be normalized and individually adjusted to the patient’s body. There are assumptions about this, but it is still ultimately done by trial and error methods. In addition to this, I know from experience that you still have to take into account at least one (hopefully!) surprise that may happen along the way. Such limitations, I see from a medical point of view. In addition, taking on new challenges comes with stress. It stems both from (in my case) new social contacts, but also from the desire to present myself in the best possible way. What if I get involved, in a new commitment and get a call? Then I will have to leave everything for a few weeks. And not everything will be able to wait for me. With transplantation, would it be appropriate for me to have mounting stress in the back of my mind? I’m curious about your opinion or your experience on this topic. I hope I’m demonizing it a bit and you’ll highlight the possibilities I have, and maybe I’m overlooking them;)

To sum up. Currently, to the question „And what next???” I answer briefly- transplantation:) In addition to the tea from a liter cup or tomato soup already mentioned in the blog, I am looking forward to the freedom I will get after the transplant. I’m not complaining, because I gave myself and will give myself, but as I’ve been saying for a few weeks on dialysis- it was fun but I can move on ;)))

Take care.
Olahola xo
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