Has anyone seen my hemoglobin?

29 września, 2023
We are a week or so after the official premiere of my blog. Premiere as serious as it sounds… But gosh, it was a really important day! I’ll give a bit of an overview of what it looked like. The day before on Instagram, I announced the launch for 5 p.m. And so while playing cards I glance at my phone and wow it was 5 p.m. Quick cards aside, I posted a post on Instagram (@olaahola), Facebook and groups for transplant recipients to reach a slightly wider audience though. IT HAPPENED.

A lot of response, really a lot. Starting from the surprise of acquaintances (after all, we have known each other for so many years, and I didn’t know/know anything!), to congratulations from family, to words of appreciation from people in a similar situation. Thank you all very much. I really do. For me, the biggest success is that the topic interested you. A little bit because maybe as a result more people will understand the importance of the statement of intent, but also the opportunity to show others what my „backstory” looks like is very exciting. You know that I can make a little show out of SICKNESS. Downplay its importance, show it as part of a larger puzzle, brazenly use it. Also to look at the situation from the outside a little, to appreciate myself in moments when I deserve it, and on the other hand to come down to earth, because there is work to be done.

À Speaking of robots, I smoothly wanted to hook up with the topic of the upcoming defense of my master’s thesis. Yes, to all this on the finish I added a blog to myself, so that by chance I do not have too much time to study:D The exact date I will not give, but I think I will boast „after”. I’m writing this post because my knowledge is already going out of my ears and it’s hard for me to focus. In general, I’ve read that post-transplant/ dialysis patients may have problems concentrating. If you know of any interesting studies on this subject I would love to read, please feel free to send me some. When I had a lot of time until the defense deadline I even managed to go through some notes on dialysis, but now it’s hard. I try to get at least 2-3 questions through before and work more on non dialysis days.

This has been problematic lately, as I’ve only just finished my adventure with blood pressure drops (it used to happen below 80/50), and I already have a new attraction. After discontinuing erythropoietin (aka doping), my hemoglobin dropped. And quite significantly. It turned out that rapid fatigue, fitness at -1 and shortness of breath after taking out the garbage were not the result of low blood pressure, but of hemoglobin below 6 g/dl. For the uninitiated, that’s really low, the norm for men is 13-17 g/dl, and for women 12-15 g/dl. Best of all- I managed to walk half of Gdansk in the last 3 days before the tests. After the information about the drop in HGB, my companions looked more understandingly at my stops during the trip;) It is standard for people with this condition to have blood transfusions to raise the rates, but because of the impending transplantation (read: beautiful example of manifestation) we are trying to work through medication first. A blood transfusion would involve introducing more foreign antibodies into the body, and the more of them, the harder it is to find a well-matched donor. That’s it in a nutshell.

Finally, I will update the stage of preparation for the transplant. I wrote the previous post before I had my kidney removed, before I started the tests, generally a very long time ago. UPDATE: I’ve finished all the tests (let me know if you’re interested in what tests you need to undergo to get on the list of recipients or how to become a donor). The whole thing was planned for 1.5 months, but life verified me very quickly and it took me about 4 months in total. I’ve already written on Instagram, but I’ll still throw in a tidbit here that I’m one cyst and five teeth lighter in the process. Coming back. The tests are over, and I’ve been on the list since August 31. And there is also a funny anecdote connected with this. A week before receiving the official letter, my dad called me that there was an advice letter and whether to pick it up for me. I’m known to be stoked, because I hadn’t ordered anything, so it’s definitely a confirmation that I’m already officially on the national transplant waiting list. And here the ass and the mandate came.;)

I wrote a little bit, and I still wanted to tell about the preparations for the family transplant, but that maybe next time:)

Thank you, we are done for today.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram, I answer questions there, we can chat:) Let me know if you would like me to expand on any of the topics in the next post.

Olahola xo
Podziel się swoimi przemyśleniami

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Tracy de Jager
8 miesięcy temu

Your journey is an incredible one. I look forward to following your journey.