I got scammed!

10 kwietnia, 2024
I fell victim to a scam! Everyone told me that after the transplant it would be downhill, and it’s N I E P R A W D A (at least partly not for me;)). In all seriousness… Since I was put on the list-it was every dialysis that I repeated: „I’m waiting so much for this kidney, because once I get it, it will be the best!”. Advice to all those waiting- it is worthwhile to make your wishes precise! I am already explaining to you why I think so….

Although at first I should explain to the uninitiated why such a title:D The new kidney, is my second transplant, and at the same time the third kidney in my abdomen, since I have my two left. That’s it in a word of introduction. 
Coming back! My (too)super new kidney, had a heart attack in the first 24 hours after the transplant, that is, about ⅓ of it was anemic, hence the need for a revision. I was given a grazed kidney with 3 arteries, and it is likely that my small vessels were not up to the challenge and colloquially speaking did not charge the kidney enough. 

Unfortunately, you can see the effects of this from the results. Despite the fact that in the hospital the creatinine consistently (slowly because slowly, but nevertheless) fell, so at the check-up a week after leaving, the results went up. I left the hospital with a creatinine of 1.8 and at the check-up a week after that it was almost 2.3. The psyche went down a bit, but what are you going to do? You drink even more:D It is known that such news (after the intense last month) does not lift your spirits, but on the other hand you can’t do anything about it anyway, so it remains to occupy your head with something else. It’s super happening, because first of all I went back to work, and one integration trip fell into my entry (AND IT’S MY FAVORITE WORK), and secondly I started a new chapter of education. 

After two weeks, another appointment, with a gratis ultrasound. And here the sun is already gently coming out from behind the clouds. Admittedly, the results fell little because I now have a creatinine of 1.9, but you have to appreciate it too. Especially as Magda yells at me that if they had gone up by that much I would be 3 times more concerned. I’m sad to admit, but she may be right AGAIN (despite slow pace) TENDENCY IS GOING GOOD. Also, from the good news- already the whole kidney is working perfectly! Earlier, because of the heart attack, there was a problem and the section from one of these arteries was a little lazy, but it’s great that we are all already motivated to move forward;) In addition, for the sake of balance, they found one hematoma, so in another two weeks a control ultrasound to see if something needs to intervene or so for a change it will disappear seamlessly on its own. 

In a word of summary. I wanted to let you know how it looks firstly health-wise, and secondly how it digests in my mind. And the key thing about the latter aspect- since my last visit, I no longer have to keep a balance sheet, and it was a shot in 10! I’ve gotten back on track before, you know work life and such, but since I don’t have to worry about how much I’ve drunk/drank I’m living at 110%. I’m tentatively starting to work towards the plans I dreamed up for myself on dialysis (and, since I had a lot of time, it’s a lot of work now!). 

So much from me. I’ll upload another kidney update in a while, until then I’m open to your suggestions. I try to write about what I miss on the web. And you – what would you like to find out?

Take care,
Olahola xo
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