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10 listopada, 2023 * olahola
Hey, today a little shorter than usual. I will summarize the last post, in which I presented statistics on transplants in Poland, with a short chat about the Statement of Will. However, before that for a correction, because I noticed that it didn’t resound last time:
Source: Poltransplant Bulletin 2023

The number of kidney transplants in 2022 totaled 850, including 777 from DD-Deceased donors, and 73 from LD-Living donors. Unfortunately, a kidney not a pancreas, you can’t join the list of living donors just like that. And since we have two kidneys, I wonder if it would be possible to adjust the law for such an initiative? Currently, a living donor can be a member of the recipient’s family, a person close to the recipient, or a third option is a cross transplant. In future posts I will briefly characterize what this actually means:)

Moving on to the substance:

Source: Poltransplant

The Statement of Will is informative. That’s why I encourage everyone to raise this topic with their loved ones, because in hospitals doctors consult with your family what your wishes were regarding organ donation. It is worthwhile to present your opinion, as well as to ascertain what your loved ones’ wishes are. From the previous post you will learn that the age range of donors is from 1 month to as old as 83 years. This, in my opinion, proves that it is never too late (or too early?) to have such a conversation. Below I attach a link to the Declaration of Will template, which you can additionally keep in your wallet:)

Take care.
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