Whether the disease allows development?

18 stycznia, 2024
Welcome to the new year! I hope that someone reading got a new kidney, well for me unfortunately not yet, BUT health is relatively stable. That is, for the first time since I started dialysis I have no additional attractions. Hemoglobin is relatively stable, the wound by the catheter has finally healed, AD is normal and so on and so forth… I make no secret of the fact that I am quietly hoping that this is stabilization before the transplant, WHO KNOWS.

In addition, some time ago in a post I asked for your opinion, in terms of taking on new challenges being in my situation. Today, after time, I would like to answer this question a little to myself and a little to you later.

Also, the blog has slowed down a bit, but quietly everything is under control. Simply after the new year (because what would a new year be without New Year’s resolutions?!), I decided to start acting a little more on Instagram. The content there is easier to access, and it’s also simpler to swipe and read a few tiles than entire posts (although my biting comments are much easier to smuggle on the blog;) ). It doesn’t change the fact that when something worthy of wider comment happens, the blog is a super place for it. For me, the most important thing is that I proved to myself that I can be regular, and at the same time I learned to put a post on the site myself. It is known that the satisfaction of just starting such an initiative is a nice, uplifting feeling, but as it happens in life I feel like doing more and we’ll see where it takes me:)

Finally, a thread that may be the same for people in a situation similar to mine. After my „operational” period in life ended in June and my head was able to get back on normal track, I started looking around. And in this normal, non-sick reality, I noticed that despite the relatively hard last months, I had not moved forward at all. I felt tired whether mentally or physically, at least as if I had moved three jobs forward, and here the ass. People all around me are changing jobs, getting promotions, new apartments, cars and such and I’m doing what? I’ve worked hard to theoretically stand still all the time. And so I kept it in the back of my mind for several months. At the end of the year, with a little help, I managed to draw a slightly different conclusion. I won’t cheat reality and I won’t lie that I’m not missing anything by all that’s happening to me, BUT I can also change the way I look at things. Instead of demoting myself and getting angry that others can – and I can’t, I tried to see the bigger picture. That’s how, among other things, I noticed that I actually opened a blog at the time, (one more time) I DEFENDED my MAGISTER, and at the same time managed to combine it with work and dialysis. So I’m not exactly dragging my feet, I’m working something out there, and I’m trying not to slow down so that I don’t start from scratch after the transplant.

The dot over the „i” of the last paragraph, I guess, will be the fact that I start the new year with a promotion at work, and the start of a new six-month training course. Since there is an element of challenge in this volatile time for me, I will hint that I have contacted the people in charge of the organization, briefly told my story, and confirmed that in case of transplantation I have the opportunity to continue my studies, without incurring additional costs:). So I am patiently accumulating experience and knowledge, along the way I will collect one more working kidney and it will be a fairy tale. I also encourage you to look at your own reality, from a different (perhaps more understanding) perspective. Let us know what you found there:)

Take care,
Olahola xo
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